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Celebrating the best of Sam.

from August 25 to 3 September 2017


At the end of August, St. Moritz Art Masters will launch its 10thedition. Once more this annual art festival will be the highlight of the summer program in St. Moritz, not only offering an extensive art program, but also providing a multifaceted platform for creative and business encounters.

Press Conference: August 25th, 2017, at 2 pm l Hotel Kempinski, St. Moritz Bath With Monty Shadow (Founder), Philipp Noller (Director)
Walk of Art: August 25th, 2017, 2.30 – 4.00 pm | Start at Hotel Kempinski – Duration: August 25th – September 3rd, 2017

The idyllic resort in the Upper Engadine was predestined for the project: located at the geographical center of the dynamic economic region between Zurich, Munich, and Milan, St. Moritz with its breathtaking Alpine landscape has always been a meeting point for artists, intellectuals, athletes, business leaders, and bon vivants from around the world. Over the years, its unique blend of style and charm has drawn illustrious figures, from Nietzsche and Segantini to Chaplin and Churchill, allowing for unexpected encounters and the informal exchange of ideas and visions.

For these reasons, Monty Shadow, founder and mastermind of St. Moritz Art Masters, saw in this legendary town the perfect setting to create a platform that encouraged such encounters – inspiring, rewarding, and unexpected. “St. Moritz is a unique place – it’s no surprise to me that many artists have been intrigued by it. They continuously enrich the Engadine with their artworks as well as their intellectual influence.” From the very beginning, the aim of St. Moritz Art Masters has been to make this abundance of inspiration, vision, and artistic perspectives on global affairs the setting for creative conversation. This serves to explain the very international program of exhibits which has been carried out over the past 9 years.

Artistic Line-Up – 10th edition of SAM:
With its carefully curated cross-genre program, St. Moritz Art Masters will feature a fine selection of international art – famed artists as well as new talents – for its 10th anniversary. Highlights include the Paracelsus Forum, where selected paintings and video works by Serbian-born artist Vladimir Veličković will be shown.

Another highlight will be a solo show with 12 works by British painter David Hockney, on view at the renowned gallery Robilant + Voena. Representing the “Best of St. Moritz Art Masters” a poignant group exhibition of 10 outstanding works, also curated by Robilant + Voena, will be shown at the Protestant Church of St. Moritz. Artist names and works will be announced shortly.

Photography Highlights:

After celebrating the works of American photographer Albert Watson in 2016, St. Moritz Art Masters is proudly presenting another blockbuster artist this year: Peter Lindbergh. The Germanborn,
internationally celebrated fashion photographer will showcase a selection of his iconic work created in cooperation with Pirelli at Hotel Kempinski Grand Hotel Les Bains. At the same time, Galerie Karsten Greve will reintroduce the haunting black and white photographs of New York-born, South Africa-based artist Roger Ballen. With his distinctive visual narratives, Ballen has quickly risen to widespread acclaim.

Cartier Award: Dušan Džamonja
Yugoslavian sculptor Dušan Džamonja will be honored for his lifetime achievement with the Cartier Award on the opening weekend of St. Moritz Art Masters. His works will be staged in front of the luxurious Hotel Kulm.

This year´s edition will be supplemented by an internationally selected group show in the historic setting of the Hotel Bernina in Samedan, as well as an homage to the African Art Scene through a presentation by the Imibala Foundation, on view at the Badrutt´s Palace Hotel in the heart of St. Moritz.

Founder: Monty Shadow| Director: Philipp Noller (St. Moritz)

List of artists: Roger Ballen | Sascha Berretz | Alfred and Eva Bradler | Karin Karina Bühler | Notta Caflisch | Carmen Casty | Claudia Calegari | Dušan Džamonja | Beate Frommelt | Heino Heimann | David Hockney | Patricia Jegher | Imibala Foundation | Jan Kaeser | Martin Kippenberger | David Koenig | Constant Könz | Oliver Kruse | Peter Lindbergh | Joseph Marr | Almira Medaric | Daniel Meuli | Nghia Nuyen | Arno Oehri | Ursula Palla | Camillo Paravicini | Hannes&Petruschka | Markus Raetz | Pipilotti Rist | François du Plessis | Ines Marita Schärer | Tom Schmelzer | Jos Schmid | Mazina Schmidlin-Könz | Luis Schmidlin |Gaudenz Signorell | Annina Thomann | James Turell | Vladimir Veličković | Hannes and Petruschka Vogel

List of galleries: Galerie Karsten Greve | Galerie Robilant + Voena | Galleria Monica de Cardenas | Galerie Freitag 1830 | Galerie Peter Vann | Hotel Bernina Samedan | Hotel Zuoz | Photo Art Gallery
Zuoz | Plattner & Plattner Art Gallery | Stalla Madulain

Partners & Sponsors: Cartier | Montblanc | Pirelli

With kind support from: Kempinski Grand Hotel des Bains St. Moritz | Kulm Hotel St. Moritz | Hotel Suvretta House |Badrutt’s Palace

Media partners: Radio Monte Carlo | TASCHEN

More information about this year’s arts and culture festival ST. MORITZ ART MASTERS can be found on the website, which is being updated regularly.
For further press information & interviews please contact



Friday, 25 August:

  • Vernissage – Press Conference, Cocktail – Kempinski Grand Hotel des Bains
  • PHOTOGRAPHY NIGHT dedicated to Peter LINDBERGH – Sponsored by PIRELLI – Kempinski Grand Hotel des Bains


Saturday, 26 August:

  • Art & Artists/Design & Designers/Photography & Photographers – “Antology of Life CARTIER NIGHT GALA” – Badrutt’s Palace
  • BERNINA Art Engadine Lunch – Samedan – Hotel Bernina 1865 – “let’s eat art – cooked by Michelangelo


Sunday, 27 August:

  • “KIDSDAY” Topic: CHILD & DOGS – Brunch – Badrutt’s Palace
  •  MONTBLANC / HP – SAM FOUNDATION NIGHT – Dedicated to IMIBALA TRUST Foundation – Presented by TASCHEN – Charity Auction – Badrutt’s Palace


Monday, 28 August:

  • SOUTH AFRICA ART” NIGHT – Supported by Cahiers d’Art & HP -Kulm, Country Club


Thusday, 29 August:

  • Private Dinner to celebrate the artist VLADIMIR VELICKOVIC (member of the French Academy) – Hosted by Zepter – Suvretta House


Wednesday, 30 August:

  • Tribute to the art galleries of the Engadin Valley – Brunch for the Art Galleries of St. Moritz and Engadin Valley – Kempinski Grand Hotel des Bains


  •  “TRIBUTE to JAZZ” – Photographic exhibition of TASCHEN books – Evening in remembrance of Claude Nobs: Cocktail & Jazz Essay – Kulm, Country Club


Friday, 1 September: 

  • HP presents: GALA NIGHT – Tribute to “DESIGN, ARCHITECTS & MUSIC” Flavio Manzoni, Hani Rashid, Valery Gergiev  – Preview GTO FERRARI ART PORTFOLIO by Monty Shadow
  •  Tribute to Dusan Dzamonja  – Dinner –  Kulm Hotel


Saturday, 2 September:

  • PATRONS DINNER (thank you to all participating Sponsors) – Kulm, Country Club

Walk of Art 2017


1. Protestant. Church, Ten years SAM by Gallery Robilant+Voena

2. Karsten Greve Gallery, Roger Ballen

3. Gallery Robilant+Voena, David Hockney

4. Schoolhouse Gym – Waiting for artist confirmation

5. Kulm Hotel, Dusan Dzamonja and Venini Art Glass

6. Forum Paracelsus, Vladimir Velickovic

7. Kempinski Hotel, Peter Lindbergh by Pirelli

8. Badrutt’s Palace, Imibala

9. Lake St.Moritz, Oliver Kruse

10. Samedan Bernina Hotel, François du Plessis,Tom Schmelzer, Joseph Marr, Nghia Nuyen, Sascha Berretz, David Koenig by Gallery Freitag 1830

11. Pontresina, Via Maistra, Pontresina Art Trail, Notta Caflisch, Carmen Casty, Patricia Jegher, Ursula Palla, Ines Marita Schärer, Jos Schmid, Gaudenz Signorell, Hannes und Petruschka Vogel, Karin Karinna Bühler, Beate Frommelt, Jan Käser, Almira Medaric, Arno Oehri, Annina Thomann

12. Madulain, Stalla Madulain, Constant Könz, Mazina Schmidlin-Könz, Luis Schmidlin

13. Zuoz, Gallery Monica De Cardenas, Markus Raetz

14. Zuoz, Hotel Castell, James Turell, Pipilotti Rist

15. Sils, Via Engadina, Alfred und Eka Bradler ‚Steinflut‘