Its Foundation (SAM Foundation) was established in 2009 by the founders of St. Moritz Art Masters. The Foundation supports and shows projects of exceptional, national and international rising artists focusing on the global “language” of culture. Artists and selected projects shall be given the opportunity to present themselves during St. Moritz Art Masters and to use the network of the platform.

Donor St.Moritz Art Masters


The ST. MORITZ ART MASTERS FOUNDATION supports and shows projects of exceptional, international rising artists focusing on the global “language” of culture by offering the artists a platform to exhibit their projects at the St. Moritz Art Masters.

ST. MORITZ ART MASTERS FOUNDATION welcomes donors to further establish and develop the objectives and projects of the foundation. the foundation is closely linked to the annual event SAM in the Engadin.

  • Status as official donor of SAM FOUNDATION– can be mentioned on the website and if applicable with a link
  • Annual donation confirmation
  • 2 tickets for SAM FOUNDATION Charity Night (beginning of September)
  • Documentation and presentation on-site of current SAM FOUNDATION project
  • Regular information on FOUNDATION acitivities by email


  • Annual donation CHF 10’000

To apply, please send an email to:

Thank you for your interest in St.Moritz Art Masters Foundation. We are very glad, that you consider to support the foundation.

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