Kempinski Grand Hotel des Bains

Mezdi 27

7500 St. Moritz


Paolo Bottarelli

Paolo Bottarelli, the entomological glance (time travel) Paolo Bottarelli2015. Paolo Bottarelli’s polymateric works realized for St. Moritz Art Masters 2015 are an intriguing alchemy between artistic intuition and scientific vision. In his research the Italian artist, based in Berlin since 2008, is investigating the captivating beauty of mathematics and physics, and the post-anthropocentric frontiers of biology and of the neurosciences. The wooden entomological drawers from the beginning of the XX century are here transformed in autopoietic machines, in living systems where the artist’s intuitions and states of mind are self-regenerating themselves and allowing both the artist and the observer to time travel.  De +49 (0)17665770381 It +39 3394475873 paolobottarelli19@gmail.comwww.paolobottarelli.com


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