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Lam and Italy

Lam and ItalyGalerie Gmurzynska St. Moritz
Wifredo Lam’s first visit to Albissola was occasioned by the invitation of his friend and colleague Asger Jorn in 1954, along with the artist and writer Enrico Baj, both of whom wanted Lam to participate in their annual “International Meeting of Sculpture and Ceramics”. Albissola was renowned for its artistic terra cotta manufacturing since the Renaissance and the scenic Mediterranean tranquility, Lam’s close circle of friends and the exquisite local artisan workshops all made a profound impact on Lam and his young family. Lam thus acquired a residence in the early 1960s, built a large painting studio and set out to work. Lam’s passion for Italy was not limited to Albissola. Milan soon became another regular place to work and exhibit, especially after Lam had met the graphic artist and master engraver Giorgio Upiglio of the Studio Grafica Uno, which led to some of Lam’s finest works on paper, often in collaboration with esteemed writers such Aimé Césaire and Michel Leiris. All these encounters and trips proved to be highly stimulating to Lam’s artistic concerns all the way through the 1970s, culminating in his widely praised presentation at the 36th Venice Biennale of 1972, where he was celebrated as the show’s best painter.

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