Stalla Madulain

Via Principela 15

7523 Madulain


Anita Campbell

Stalla Madulain, an old barn in the heart of Madulain, is a surprisingly different place in the upper Engadine art and culture scene, that offers young and established artists a new platform for presenting cheeky or serious art and culture. Constantly alternating art, like paintings, sculptures, photographes or even sound and light installations, embellishes in a unique clashing way this old barn from 1588, that would already itself be woth a visit, and astonishes every visiter with its enchanting atmosphere.  Stalla Madulain exposes art of two different Engadine generations. A selection of art of the last 25 years of Gaspare Otto Melcher (*1945) and the book “Klinghorn” from the young artist Anita Campell (*1983).


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