St. Moritz
See / Lake
7500 St. Moritz

Walk of Art 2015

Oliver Kruse

Oliver Kruse’s most recent sculptures, most of them conceived as walk-in objects, explore the potential created by the tension between the visible and the concealed, between the inner and the outer. “Interrelate” is one of these sculptures which intensify perception of space and provoke unusual experiences of that element. From the outside this entails partially open additive volume, and from the inside subtractive volume. These surfaces come to an end where they meet one another. Out of a conceptual idea concrete, varied and unfamiliar spaces are created, which can be experienced with their interesting perspectives and great diversity of nuance. Many variants of “Interrelate” were developed for St. Moritz, taking into account the place itself and in accordance with the laws underlying its existence. Transformation brings this art to life and is part of its multi-dimensional essence.

Begehbare Skulptur
Walk-in Sculpture

Near the lake of St. Moritz

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