Art 2017, Paint

Claudia Calegari

Photo Art Gallery Zuoz

„The encounter of a lifetime was the one with painting; from which my expression starts and takes shape. My artistic journey has made the first step from there. Today, like a mosaic that is composed and takes shape, my photography and my painting meet. Instinct has led me to stop the lens on three subjects that have become worlds of exploration: flowers and objects dense of history; faces; nature. Nature that, in some ways, pervades transversally because it is a primary, undisputed artwork. I wanted very few elements in my original photo shoot; a single subject as absolute protagonist, without interference, cleaning the field from complex compositions. I printed/transferred the images I made on an unpublished “canvas”, that I chose after years of exploration; a handmade Japanese paper, a different one for every artwork to be unique. Then, the pictorial intervention, with mixed techniques, to turn the photo image into a picture. I like to think that the viewer, in front of a picture of me, can be lost in it, captured by a memory, a visual moment of his own, placing the first shot in a timeless dimension. Here is the encounter of my two souls: photography and painting. Fuse. Together. I have directed my path to a new form of portrait of author. In each work there is a piece of me, where different epochs and techniques meet, giving an appointment on a journey in the impossible time.“


Tuor Planta, Zuoz

CH-7524 Zuoz



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opening hours

15.00 – 18.30

Monday – Saturday – or by appointme

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