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GOAT – Muhammed Ali – Tribute to Icon of all Time published by Taschen

“An amazing book…all the iconic photographs that people took of The Champ.” —Barack ObamaHoward L. Bingham
Howard L. Bingham has lived in Los Angeles since the age of four. He has worked and studied there, and most importantly perhaps, met his lifelong friend Muhammad Ali there, in 1962. He had no idea who the emerging fighter was when he was assigned by the Los Angeles Sentinel to photograph the young Cassius Clay (Ali still reminds him of this oversight 40 years later). Since then, Bingham has become a highly-respected portrait and reportage photographer, honored with awards in the United States and with his work gracing magazines likeSports Illustrated, Newsweek, Time and People. His work has been exhibited internationally, but he remains best known for his extraordinary body of work capturing, at close quarters, the many faces of Muhammad Ali. The most powerful expression of this came in his acclaimed 1991 book, Muhammad Ali: A Thirty-Year Journey. He is Principal Photographer and Editorial Consultant of GOAT.

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