Groupshow “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”

Gallery Freitag 1830

Groupshow “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” in the Hotel Bernina 1865 by Gallery Freitag 1830

Sascha Berretz, David Koenig, Joseph Marr, Nghia Nuyen, François du Plessis, Tom Schmelzer

The paintings of Sascha Berretz deal with the interdependency between nature and architecture. His work is based on photographic sources or other images and is created layer by layer.

David Koenig is a graduate of New York’s renowned ‘International Center of Photography’ (ICP). In his series “Public Privacy”, he works with photos that strangers published in their social media streams. Koenig takes away the sharpness, contrast, layers and consequently, their identity. Ironically, he hereby achieves to restore a bit of the depicted persons’ privacy.

Joseph Marr showcases a sculpture full of beauty and pride. The choice of medium is crucial for his message. His newest work is made of transparent red resin and plays with light and structure.

Being one of the boatpeople who have been rescued by Cap Anamur, Nghia Nuyen exposes essential topics in his works, which constantly trace the essence of human being.

François du Plessis works with books. The book is his material and element, which he saws, cuts, reunites and thereof he composes his objects. Over and over, new dimensions of space and face are revealed for the viewer – only made of the material ‘book’.

Tom Schmelzer’s installations instantly capture our attention. He does so by passing the aesthetic neutrality of the former conceptual art and augmenting his objects and sculptures with explicit terminological statements.

Hotel Bernina 1865

Plazzet 20

7503 Samedan



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