Me and my dog.

“me and my dog”  child contest


St.Moritz Art Masters, in occasion of its Art Festival’s10th anniversary wants to use its first “historical” milestone of its young “multicultural and artistic” experience to help “IMIBALA”, a South African foundation which “uses” the Art to help with no distinction of races and color children of school age who live in absolute poverty.

IMIBALA, which in zulu means “Colors”, is an aid program that starting from physical and primary needs such as school aprons, shoes, t-shirts, socks, backpacks and stationery, it is interested in the creation of a series of projects linked to ART to stimulate experiences that encourage children to discover and nourish their creativity trying to develop artistic skills that, due to uncomfortable conditions are not possible to nurture in their schools.

IMIBALA’s stated goal is to make a substantial and measurable “difference” in the present and in the future of the lives of poor children in South Africa through the creation of art and creativity programs that, together with volunteers, are the main tools to achieve this goal.

For St. Moritz Art Masters which has always picked up and culled the idea of the ​​”art value” as a “unique and unrepeatable” value as well as inspiration for the festival itself, IMIBALA is the closest project for elective affinity, and this has been proved and proven over the decade by the traditional “SAM’s Children’s Day“.

 “Seeing a child put on a new school uniform creates the biggest smiles at Imibala. This is where it all starts.”

St. Moritz Art Masters wants to dedicate all its energies to pay tribute to this beautiful LIFE project, trying to amplify its visibility at an international level, sharing its reputation through a day dedicated to IMIBALA, realizing a “Web contest” where all the kids from all around  the world can participate. “Me and my dog” – the contest’s title, will award the  best design and the project’s aim is to show how children’s eyes perceive a dog. Who wants to participate has to send a picture of the paper drawing through one of the social platforms dedicated  to the project and a jury composed by Mr. Monty Shadow, Mr. Sam Keller, Mr. Jerome Lambert, Mr. Khaled Jnifen, Mrs Kathy Dobers and other will decree the ranking. The 1 winning works will be auctioned at Sam’s celebratory evening for IMIBALA and the harvest collected during the festival will be donated to the IMIBALA Foundation.

 The Creative and Performing Arts Department brings smiles and excitement each week to the children arriving for lessons in art, pottery, drama, music and ballet.

Individuality, creativity and encouragement all contribute to the full experience of Creative and Performing Arts Department at Imibala.

St. Moritz Art Masters’s website and its social platforms will collect all the images that will be available on the website and they could also be purchased online via “CHARITY STARS” platform. Then all the pictures will become a book published by IDEABOOKS which will be sent free of charge to the children who have participated to the contest with their own designs, and in this way it is the first “digital” work that will become an analogical work made by children for children. The book will be then sold online and the harvest will be delivered to IMIBALA. St. Moritz Art Masters is on service of  IMIBALA as a media amplifier, but at the same time, a direct and continuous link with Europe, offering itself as an aggregator of possible European companies that want to support with small sums of money, IMIBALA’s physical and primary needs necessary for its projects.

We will look for companies that decide to entrust a small amount of money  to be devolved to one of the necessary goods such as school aprons, underwear, shoes, t-shirts, socks, backpacks and stationery, so “to adopt” the project in a new way, trying to maximize the beneficiaries through the direct purchase in South Africa of the same products which otherwise sent by Europe, would disperse valuable economic resources in bureaucracy and ineffective transport.


for infos and donation regarding  IMIBALA please write to or visit the website

” The Imibala Trust 22-station Computer Centre is the home of the Learner Advancement programme”

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