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Art, Art 2016


The engagement with the arts and artists has been embedded in Montblanc’s corporate philosophy for a long time. In regard to this, Montblanc began to build a contemporary art collection more than ten years ago. The works from the collection are displayed in the entire co-operation’s facilities: offices, hallways, the production department and, of course, in the newly designed foyer at the headquarters in Hamburg. Regular tours guided by artists and art historians are offered to employees, keeping the art on display alive. In 1998, Montblanc started negotiations with artists and galleries and in 2002 Montblanc presented the first 25 art pieces including one by US artist Tom Sachs. Sachs considered it a challenge to interpret the Montblanc star, the emblem of the long-established company, and create the first commissioned work.

Since then, the collection has expanded to more than 180 unique artworks including works by Thomas Demand, Liam Gillick, Jonathan Meese, Sylvie Fleury, Jorge Pardo, Ugo Rondinone, Michel Majerus, Fang Lijun. Many of the artists were considered cutting edge at the time they were commissioned – in other words, just at the edge of becoming well known worldwide. Today, they claim international recognition and continue a close relationship with the company. To view the brand through the eyes of internationally renowned artists and see it undergo a contemporary interpretation is a privilege Montblanc enjoys, and one from which it pulls new ideas for its own work. The collection of more than 180 artworks is also accessible to the public through guided tours.

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