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Art 2016, Photography

Stefano Zardini

Sefano Zardini started his photographic studies in Milan and then moved to London, where he specialised in the art of portrait, fashion and reportage.

He soon began freelancing for Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue, and then several other magazines in the areas of geography, sport and architecture.

His focus soon turned to photo-journalism witnessing emergency and conflict situations in over 60 countries in more than 20 years.

Some of his journalistic coverages were shot in Central Asia, under assignment of the United Nations Drug and Crime Office, documenting the trafficking of heroin across the Afghan -Tajik border; an intense portrait on works of drudgery and prostitution issues shot in India has been shown at the Perpignan Photojournalism Festival Visa d’Or pour l’Image 2008.

His wide archive includes more than 150.000 images with regards to nature and landscape, events, culture, sport, adventure. He published 40 books on photography,  27 of which as sole author.

His film on great drought, realized crossing the desert from Mauritania to Somalia has been shown at the White House, the Kremlin and in the UN headquarters in New York.

A photo exhibition on violated human rights was showed in the historical seat of the UN in Geneva.

Since 2004 he started working with growing interest and enthusiasm in the field of Fine-Art      photography, opening the Ikonos Art Gallery in Cortina d’Ampezzo, where he often host well-known photographers and his private collections. He’s been showing his works for 5 years also at St. Moritz and Klosters (Switzerland).

This is now his most prominent activity, which keeps he busy, with exhibitions and participations in events such as Roma Fotografia, Arte Fiera, Photology in Milan, MIA Expo in Milan (three times), Art Basel, Photo L.A. Los Angeles.

Stefano Zardini is well known for his striking proposals and his consistently new, exciting and spectacular interpretations, which are the result of a highly-personal and ongoing artistic evolution.

Zardini’s works always open up wholly new perspectives, providing us with visual reinterpretations of the reality and all that goes with it that is dissected and retold with always-different lights, shadows and forms, ready to be transformed into unique and unrepeatable works.

Stefano Zardini’s  works feature in private collections in Europe, North America and Far East.

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