The two artists found the ideal starting point for their project in the gravel pits above Lake Sils at the foot of Piz Lagreve. In the form of a field study, the artists show the continual occurrence of the movement of the stones. With this slow but steady flow eventually, the gravel deposits  gradually become visible. Under the artists hands, the minimalistic grey of the boulders become partially red,structuring the boulders and showing the constant flood. The stones show a distinctive red surface structure, growing in all directions and flowing down into the valley. The viewer is encouraged to pause and reflect, experiencing a new perception of these boulders, reflecting on the symbiosis of rock and man, that has shaped the Engadin for many centuries. The installation is designed to be only for a limited period, with the artists placing particular emphasis on non-affecting nature. With STEINFLUT, Alfred and Eka Bradler have created a powerful and symbolic work of art, wich is of highest aesthetic visual appeal and is deeply emotional.



10min walk from parking at church Baselgia Sils. Follow the signs.


opening hours: daily

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Art 2017, Art Installation
Lake Sils, Piz Lagreve, sam 2017, STEINFLUT, stmoritzartmasters