Project 2010 “Ship of Tolerance”

In 2010 the foundation initiated the project „Ship of Tolerance“ of the artists Ilya & Emilia Kabakov, in collaboration with Clara Maria Sels Gallery, Duesseldorf, supporting their message: TOLERANCE. LEARN IT. TEACH IT. LIVE IT.
The superior topic of this artistic project with children consisted of interviews and reflection on culture and living conditions of children in other nations and countries but also of their own cultural environment. “To carry the seed of tolerance” around the world by combining the imagination of children and to understand that children in Asia are socialized differently than the children in Europe. The objective of the project was to help recognize the intolerance in and around them and to be inspired to take action. Be more self-confident of the own culture, be open and interested in other forms of living and cultures.
The ship is the symbol of transaction and connection between continents and countries. Children from the schools of the Upper Engadin were encouraged in this project to draw on canvas to express their thoughts on the theme of tolerance. The colourful drawings have been attached to the Ship forming the port and starboard sides of the deck and sail.

For more information about the project “Ship of Tolerance” by Ilya & Emilia Kabakov and to see their website please

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