Team of St. Moritz Art Masters

St. Moritz Art Masters took place for the first time in the Engadine in 2008.
The 10-days arts and culture festival is always held in the last week of August every year. It presents national and international contemporary artists.

Organisation committee

  • Monty Shadow (Fondatore / Produttore)
  • Käthy Dobers
  • Martin Berthod (St.Moritz Sports & Events)

 Scientific Committee 

  • Roland Berger (St. Moritz)
  • Beat Curti (St. Moritz)
  • Samuel Keller (Basilea)
  • Reiner Opoku (Berlino)
  • Davide Rampello (Milano)
  • Luigi Toninelli (Milano)
  • Marco Voena (Milano)

Team Marketing / Events

  • Maurizio Cavezzali

Press contact



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