The exhibition of Billy Childish is installed at French Church!

From August 22nd the exhibition is open every day from 10 am until 6 pm.


With a nod to St. Moritz famous son, the painter Giovanni Segantini, Billy Childish has made a series of works that celebrate universal beauty through the subjugation of the ego and the mystery of the mark. Like Segantini, Childish is occupied with the transformation of the earthbound into the spiritual, developing a pictorial language that honours both the figurative form and elemental abstract make-up of his paintings: Evoking the fragmentary vibrations of matter and man’s longing for the experience of pure nature. The eponymous work ”walking in gods buti“ is a large scale double portrait of the artist – walking out of the painting – along a woodland path holding his young daughter’s hand. Directly opposite hangs a full portrait of Segantini stood like some mighty Old Testament prophet with fearsome beard and hunting eagle beneath his arm. At ground level are paintings made in homage to two other artists that Childish declares allegiance with. Above the altar the dynamic L’Erection de la Croix after Peter Paul Rubens, and opposite The Good Samaritan by Eugene Delacroix; notably also painted by Vincent van Gogh. Through these paintings and others in his oeuvre, Childish engages with his own direct experience and the spirit of those he feels in communion with. The French Church is a perfect setting for this exhibition. From August 22nd the exhibition is open every day from 10 am until 6 pm.

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